Weingarten, Nina; Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan; Meraner, Manuela; Hartmann, Monika: Triggering cognitive dissonance with textual information and images : Data from three experiments with meat-eaters. In: Data in Brief. 2023, vol. 48, no. 109116, 1-7.
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author = {{Nina Weingarten} and {Carl-Johan Lagerkvist} and {Manuela Meraner} and {Monika Hartmann}},
title = {Triggering cognitive dissonance with textual information and images : Data from three experiments with meat-eaters},
publisher = {Elsevier},
year = 2023,
month = apr,

journal = {Data in Brief},
volume = 2023, vol. 48,
number = no. 109116,
pages = 1--7,
note = {This article presents data from three experiments in which we triggered and measured cognitive dissonance in meat-eaters. Cognitive dissonance is a well-established concept in the social psychology literature; however, empirical measures are scarce. In all datasets, we used textual information and/or images related to meat consumption as means to trigger cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance data was collected in Study 1 with a Likert scale, whereas Study 2 and 3 used a Semantic Bipolar scale. Each experiment was programmed with Qualtrics and consisted of four conditions. Data was collected online; Study 1 utilized social media to recruit participants while Study 2 and 3 were hosted on Prolific. All datasets contain items on participants’ socio-demographic background, liking of different food products, cognitive dissonance, and a measure of meat avoidance. The data can be used to analyze the effect of information provision on cognitive dissonance and meat avoidance. Moreover, the relationship between socio-demographic variables and cognitive dissonance, as well as other exploratory purposes regarding meat avoidance can be explored. Furthermore, researchers can use the data to investigate differences between Likert scales and Semantic Bipolar scales. This data is related to the paper Can images and textual information lead to meat avoidance? The mediating role of cognitive dissonance.},
url = {https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11811/10797}

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