Gronemeyer, Sven: Glyphs G and F: Identified as Aspects of the Maize God. In: Wayeb Notes, 22.
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author = {{Sven Gronemeyer}},
title = {Glyphs G and F: Identified as Aspects of the Maize God},
publisher = {Wayeb (European Association of Mayanists)},
year = 2006,
series = {Wayeb Notes},
volume = 22,
note = {Consequently, though many single signs of each G-Glyph have been deciphered in the last decades in other contexts, no attempt was undertaken to re-apply these readings to the G-Glyphs and to make a critical review of the previous interpretations. Since most previous discussions on Glyphs G and F focused on “night gods” and “head-bands”, I can ignore most of the results and questions from this hypothesis and concentrate on the evidence for my proposal as a maize-related cycle.},
url = {}

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