Czygan, Christiane; Conermann, Stephan (Hrsg.): An iridescent device: premodern Ottoman poetry. Göttingen: V&R unipress GmbH, 2018. In: Czygan, Christiane; Conermann, Stephan (Hrsg.): Ottoman Studies / Osmanistische Studien, 5.
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editor = {{Christiane Czygan} and {Stephan Conermann}},
title = {An iridescent device: premodern Ottoman poetry},
publisher = {V&R unipress GmbH},
year = 2018,
series = {Ottoman Studies / Osmanistische Studien},
volume = 5,
note = {Ten experts in premodern literature and history examine the style, genre, and performance of sixteenth century Ottoman poetry. A large number of poems, including a newly discovered imperial poem collection and the work of a poet fallen into oblivion, are discussed with regard to their multifarious functions and their contemporary lyrical appeal. Though most of these poets worked in conventional settings many of the articles in this volume point out how they broke taboos, glossed over violence, and promoted or questioned political rule, even as they appealed to their listeners on an emotional level. The authors provide ample evidence for the importance attributed to certain cities and places, as well as local affiliations and networks. These analyses show how premodern poetry operated as a tool of communication and formed an integral part of premodern social and political life.},
url = {}

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