Anyadike-Danes, Chima Michael; Abbasian, Kaveh; Wustmann, Gerrit; Aras, Maryam: Bonn Oriental and Asian Studies insights. In: Aras, Maryam; Saalfeld, Florian; Williams, Greg; Ziegler, Vicky (Hrsg.): BOAS insights, Issue 01 (2021).
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author = {{Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes} and {Kaveh Abbasian} and {Gerrit Wustmann} and {Maryam Aras}},
editor = {{Maryam Aras} and {Florian Saalfeld} and {Greg Williams} and {Vicky Ziegler}},
title = {Bonn Oriental and Asian Studies insights},
publisher = {IOA / BIGS-OAS},
year = 2021,
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journal = {BOAS insights},
volume = Issue 01 (2021),
note = {BOAS insights is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal with articles as well as reviews which cover a variety of topics and themes across Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. The editors encourage multi-disciplinary approaches which incorporate diverse perspectives and bridge deeply specialized fields. BOAS insights operates out of the Oriental and Asian Studies Department at the University of Bonn and includes an advisory board of senior faculty members. All submissions to the journal are subject to double blind peer-review.

Our first issue includes an article which investigates Mongolian communities living in Los Angeles by tracing men engaged in long distance trucking, exploring this diaspora community in the context of modern industry and capitalist conceptions of time. Our second article brings to light only recently published survey data from 1970’s Iran. Pulling from media and film studies, the article challenges pre-conceived notions and status-quo interpretations of Iranian national identity creation through a greater consideration of the influences of radio, television, and cinema. Our review of new works includes a review of a German translation of the Turkish novel Madonna’nın Son Hayali, Madonnas letzter Traum (Madonna’s Last Dream) and the first post-Yazidi-Kurdish work of fiction in German, Die Sommer (The Summers) by Ronya Othmann.


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