Zöpel, Christoph; Rühl, Lothar; de Vasconcelos, Álvaro; Driss, Ahmed; Nienhaus, Volker; Chikhaoui, Arslan; Masala, Carlo: Masala, Carlo (Hrsg.): September 11 and the future of the Euro-mediterranean cooperation. Bonn: Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung (ZEI), 2003. In: Masala, Carlo (Hrsg.): ZEI Discussion Paper, C120.
Online-Ausgabe in bonndoc: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11811/10033
author = {{Christoph Zöpel} and {Lothar Rühl} and {Álvaro de Vasconcelos} and {Ahmed Driss} and {Volker Nienhaus} and {Arslan Chikhaoui} and {Carlo Masala}},
editor = {{Carlo Masala}},
title = {September 11 and the future of the Euro-mediterranean cooperation},
publisher = {Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung (ZEI)},
year = 2003,
series = {ZEI Discussion Paper},
volume = C120,
note = {The papers presented here are the result of a joint conference held by the Center for European Integration Study and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in December 2002 and thus part of a larger project of cooperation dealing with the future of Euro-Mediterranean relations.
18 scholars from various countries around the Mediterranean rim meet to discuss the possible consequences of the September 11 attacks on Germany’s Mediterranean policy.
As usually there was a wide range of opinions how Germany and its Mediterranean policy is affected by the WTC attacks and how the country should react. This arrow of opinions is partly documented in this discussion paper.},

url = {https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11811/10033}

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