Aghuzumtsyan, Gayane: Charm Photoproduction using Electron Taggers with the Zeus Detector at HERA. - Bonn, 2006. - Dissertation, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.
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author = {{Gayane Aghuzumtsyan}},
title = {Charm Photoproduction using Electron Taggers with the Zeus Detector at HERA},
school = {Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn},
year = 2006,
note = {Charm production has been studied at a centre-of-mass energy of vs = 318 GeV in the ZEUS experiment at the electron-proton collider HERA. The data from the years 1998 - 2000 are used for this analysis which correspond to an integrated luminosity of L ~ 81 pb-1 The experimental signature of the process is:
ep -> e c cbar X -> e D* Y.
Photoproduction is identified by reconstructing the D*(2010) meson via the decay chain D*+ -> K- p+ p+ (+ c.c.) and by selecting the scattered electron in one of the dedicated electron taggers located 44m and 35m away from the interaction point.
The total visible cross section and differential cross sections as a function of pT(D*), ?(D*) and W were measured in the restricted phase space: -1.0 < η(D*) < 1.5, pT(D*) > 1.5 GeV, 80 GeV < W < 120 GeV and Q2 < 0.015 GeV2 in case of the 44m tagger sample, and -1.5 < ηD(*) < 1.0, pT(D*) > 2.0 GeV, 200 GeV < W < 260 GeV and Q2 < 0.02 GeV2 in case of the 35m tagger sample. Next-to-leading-order QCD predictions were calculated in the same kinematic region as the data. The comparison of the theoretical predictions with the data shows good agreement within the theoretical uncertainties.
Total charm cross sections were calculated by extrapolating the visible cross sections in the limited (pT(D*), η(D*)) phase space to the full kinematic region. The measurements with the 35m tagger overlap with previous untagged data while the 44m tagger data are used to study a new intermediate region 80 GeV < W44m < 120 GeV between fixed target and and the other HERA measurements. The comparison of the NLO QCD predictions with the data shows good agreement.},

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